Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's reckon'

Give the boys credit. Give the 5-man system credit. Give TFS credit. Give Subban credit, he was a monster out there.

Rookies : how many of them out there? See how they threw their entire body at the broons to sort-of check them?

They did it all night : DDD, Pyatt, WHITE- holy shit!-  who's that guy we always need to have at least a coupe of on our side in order to beat boston.

It's always our Kostopolous-Begin-other blue collar hero that ends up pulling the team up through thick and thin. At least the years when we don't thouroughly suck, which hopefully there will be less of in the future than there is in the now-less-recent past.

I mean, it would take a long dissertation to say all the good there is to say about these guys. I'm outta time, but peeps, gotta recognize.

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