Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An end to the distraction

Do you think that any team in the NHL could possibly play Carey Price for six games at any point in the season and get zero point out of those six games?  Say the Islanders? The Panthers? Edmonton? I say Price plays six games in a row for these guys there's no chance that they won't get at least a point or two. And that's all the Habs need.

So relax. They were all turned in one instant from one of the sassiest in the league to the by far most completely depressed team.

The noise, the violence of the hit, the fear that he was dead for all that time, that's a real turnoff, man. It turned most of us off of watching or caring about hockey. So imagine them, on the ice from shift to shift, it's just...awful. Obviously they suck.

My first thought, when they said the goalless streak was a record from 65 years ago was "shit, was that the time that guy died, or something?"

I think this week is going to be good. Two weeks to go. Two clean sheets (the weeks). I think they'll be good.

One way or another, we're clinching this week, so everybody is finally going to feel allowed to talk about the playoffs, which I remind everyone, begin two weeks from now. Fortunately, the Habs know that more than a lot of Habs fans.

Go Habs Go! (GYFCHG, in the vernacular)

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