Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random positions of the day : March 23, 2011

Boston : just when you thought they were done shitting themselves, they eat their own shit and throw up everywhere.

PK Subban : yeah I'd rather have Bobby Orr on my team than Gomez

Cammalleri : boy is it time playoffs start? Who is it next you lynchmob regulars want to kick off our team? Price? No that was last year this year he's not on your hate-radar? Plekanec? No that was three years ago when he was slumping, now he's amazing according to you.

The system : produced a solid clinch 10 games before the end of the season (99.5%, or whatever it is, is clinching or you need intermediate math classes). Who even really cares about "all these guys" that are injured? Don't you all just turn on the tv and expect a solid performance by whoever is dressed?

Gomez : gee, I'm so sorry what he does with the puck once he's taken it from behind our net to behind the opposition's net doesn't meet the expectations you have of a player who takes it end to end. You're right, demand more from your flying center. Maybe Carolina will let us have Staal, maybe TB will trade Stamkos, or maybe we can pay Lecavalier untill 2050, or let's get Brad Richards for 8 millilon, yeah, we'd really get less angry for 20 goals you know, for 8 million dollars, or let's many centers do you think there are out there?

Have you not heard this conversation before : "GM1: hey, GM2, I'd really like to have your superstar center on my team. GM2: yeah, me too. oh wait, I do have him on my team! laters..."

I remember distinctly wishing we had a gomez gionta first line back in the day, and here they are, in their prime. That means three more years of their best years. Yes, gomez is fucking up with the puck more than usual this year, yes he is sucking in gomez terms. but, fuck, he's our superstar center, too bad he's sucking but booing him and trashing him is not going to help him at all, and since he's not going anywhere the result is the habs take it on the chin when we boo one of our own in our own house just before the playoffs (we are at that point, you can tell the fans are about to boo him like brisebois).

Playoffs: This team is still emotionally in last year's playoffs. they approached this regular season as that large annoyance they had to shove up their asses to get another crack at the cup. The whole team will turn around: the amazing rookies who fueled our great regular season will become very quiet and our embattled veterans wil take the lead, all aligning perfectly for an amazing playoff run.

Winning (Henceforth known as Charlie-Sheen-ing or CSI) : has anyone noticed that the Habs won every important game this season? Beat every team ahead of them or of any relevance in the west? Won all those randomly-determined "must-win" games? Well, I did. I'm not scared of the playoffs at all.

Laffs : Double incentive for them to make the playoffs. 1. It contributes to making burkeston suck and 2. they're the only team I would trust in 8th to upset the phucktards (who suddenly seem so palatable compared to burkestolipitecus primitivus in the shit and piss uniforms out there).

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