Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great schedule ahead!

I love our last 6 games.

First, one week of playoff-intensity games against very beatable opponents. Get the feeling in without all that getting-your-ass-kicked finish to it. Terrific practice.

Then, a perfect last week to prepare : a prestige-playoff preparation game against Chicago to get a real taste of what's coming, followed by a "feel-good game" against Ottawa to get the confidence up and score a few goals here and there, and finally a game against the leaf to get us MAD just before the playoffs and tap into the extra energy players derive from hate. (Hopefully we do well but suffer a frustrating loss so we can really get that sense of "we really want to win the next one" for game #1 v. whoever). It doesn't matter if we don't do well against Ottawa because that'll just piss us off and lead us to pummel Toronto and enter the playoffs riled up and ready to go.

Any way you look at it, and regardless of what happens in this coming week, the Habs will be ready come playoffs.

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